Verizon Wireless faults technical issue for 4G outage

Verizon Wireless speaks out as to why its 4G LTE network suffered a major outage across the country this week.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE network, touted as the "fastest, most advanced network in action," suffered a major outage on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Although the downtime does not seem to have affected all 4G subscribers, many customers across vast swaths of the country experienced difficulties getting 4G -- and sometimes 3G -- access on their mobile devices.

Verizon has since addressed the problem publicly in more detail. Reuters reports that Verizon is attributing the LTE outage to a "technical issue." However, Verizon reps were not any more specific than that, but the problem is supposedly "resolved" now.

Many readers described their experiences with the data outage, complaining of down times since Tuesday afternoon.

Verizon’s discussion boards were also flooded with complaints — most of which describe how frustrated customers are with the lack of answers and support on Verizon’s part rather than the actual outage.

Verizon did responded publicly after news of the outage spread — albeit briefly via Twitter:

We’re working to resolve some 4GLTE issues ASAP, some customers report operating on 3G or no data. 3G data; calls/texts unaffected

If you are a Verizon 4G LTE subscriber, did you experience any problems with your connectivity during the last two days? Is anyone still experiencing problems with Verizon 4G service?

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