VerticalOne's aggregation service offered through Webplayer

VerticalOne's aggregation service is now available through the Webplayer by Virginconnect(TM) managed by Internet Appliance Network (IAN). Find out more about this aggregation service...
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SINGAPORE - VerticalOne Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE) and a pioneer of personal account aggregation and transaction services, announces the industry's first deployment of account aggregation through an Internet appliance.

VerticalOne's aggregation service is now available through the Webplayer by Virginconnect(TM) managed by Internet Appliance Network (IAN). Using IAN's Internet appliance platform, Webplayer deploys a custom-designed software and a Virgin-branded browser interface for content, applications and services, and e-commerce. Virgin's Webplayer customers will now have direct access to the convenience of account aggregation.

Consumers using the Webplayer can link directly to a VirginConnect branded portal, which serves as the entry point for the Internet and starting point for a customised, relevant online shopping and e-commerce Internet experience. With IAN widening the service offerings to include the VerticalOne service, users can view a detailed summary page of all of their personal accounts such as banking, investments, credit cards, bills, reward programs, communications, and other bills or personal accounts all in one place.

"VerticalOne's account aggregation service is an extremely powerful addition to any non-PC Internet device, including Virgin's Webplayer, in providing a high level of convenience to consumers and a more personalised experience," said Audrey Parma, president and CEO of IAN. "In evaluating the types of applications we wanted to provide on the Webplayer, VerticalOne's account aggregation technology offered the most robust, proven, and secure solution available in the market for consolidating personal account information."

VerticalOne's vision in October 1998 was to offer consumers a greater level of convenience when accessing their personal account information online through a multitude of devices including PCs, Internet appliances, and wireless devices. "It is rewarding to see the reality of our vision take hold. After creating the aggregation industry from scratch, launching with 18 destination site partners, and seeing rapid consumer adoption, VerticalOne is thrilled to once again innovate by partnering with IAN to be the first to offer account access from a leading Internet appliance," said Gregg Freishtat, CEO of VerticalOne.

Since 1998, VerticalOne is an industry with 18 distributor sites actually deployed and available to consumers today. With over $850 million in accounts being tracked by VerticalOne's systems, consumers continue to demonstrate their desire for account aggregation to help simplify their lives. Additionally, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently granted VerticalOne's petition for special treatment of its 1998 provisional patent applications.

About Internet Appliance Network
Internet Appliance Network is a marketing and media services company that joins Internet appliance technology with a suite of services to allow companies to build and maintain customer relationships.

About VerticalOne Corporation
Headquartered in Atlanta, VerticalOne provides personal account aggregation and transaction services. VerticalOne has built an information infrastructure that empowers Internet destination sites to offer their online customers a single point-of-access to a wide variety of personal content and account information including reward programs, communications, investments, bank statements, and other bills or personal accounts.

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