Vic govt sets dates for IT strategy actions

With the release of the Victorian government's IT strategy, the public now has a better idea of what actions will be prioritised and when they will be tackled.
Written by Michael Lee, Contributor

The Victorian government has released its state IT strategy after listening to public feedback, and revealed what actions will be prioritised.

The previous draft strategy (PDF) outlined a number of proposed actions that the government should take with regards to increasing engagement, better investing in IT, and improving capability, but had not finalised them or set out concrete deadlines for when those actions should occur.

The final strategy (PDF) now commits dates to these actions, revealing the government's priorities for IT.

Some of the actions to be completed or undertaken in the next three months include requiring Victorian agencies to register their mobile apps in a centralised, published list; developing mandatory standards to support its DataVic Access Policy; and establishing an annual IT planning process, which will also poll the public.

The dates for those actions will now be confirmed in the form of a more detailed implementation plan, which is expected to provide further details, such as how much funding will be set aside for each.

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) welcomed the new strategy, with board chairman Kee Wong saying that it is encouraging that the government is learning from mistakes made in the past, and seeking new alternatives.

"Putting in place processes to improve governance and planning, building internal capability, and encouraging innovations should allow for the creation of government ICT services that meet the needs of citizens and ICT projects which have a much better chance of succeeding," Wong said in a statement.

"We look forward to seeing the implementation plan with details of both funding arrangements and the meaningful metrics to measure the success of the strategy. We also look forward to working with the government to implement this strategy."

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