Vic opposition grieves for myki

The Victorian Transport Shadow Minister Terry Mulder today slammed Melbourne's myki roll-out in a speech to Parliament.
Written by Colin Ho, Contributor

The Victorian Shadow Transport Minister Terry Mulder slammed Melbourne's roll-out of the electronic ticketing system, myki, in Parliament today.

"Myki is a complete mess and the hard heads in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance will wonder whether it will suffer the same fate as NSW Labor's Tcard. This is an absolute and utter disgrace. I grieve for this system and I grieve for the people of Victoria," Mulder said in his speech to Parliament this morning, referring to NSW's failed e-ticketing scheme which was canned in November 2007.

Myki has already been rolled out in regional areas such as Geelong, but it has yet to be implemented in the state's capital. According to the myki website, it would be rolled out by the end of the year. A more exact date is yet to be confirmed.

There have been reports of over 10,800 faulty transactions and delays caused by the system in regions such as Seymour and Geelong.

In the speech, Mulder said myki was being "pushed down the throats" of commuters.

The Victorian Department of Transport had not yet responded to a request for comment at the time of writing.

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