Video: A motor home that folds up, fits in your car

SwissRoomBox is a portable modular living system that allows drivers to literally live out of their car.
Written by Tuan Nguyen, Contributor

For anyone who's ever wanted to live comfortably on the road, the only option was to buy a motor home. But those giant RVs can be cumbersome in more ways than one -- like finding a parking spot, maneuvering through traffic and not to mention fuel costs.

Now a company in Switzerland has created what's best described as a portable modular living system -- the first real alternative that allows drivers to literally live out of their car. It's called the SwissRoomBox and consists of stack-able modules that contain within it everything you would need for day-to-day survival such as a sink, shower stall, dining table, chairs, refrigerator, bed and yes, a toilet.

Best of all, most of the fold-able units can be collapsed to fit in the trunk of a compact car -- although for the complete set, you'd need a minivan.

Setup is convenient and easy. The company says in a press release that the SwissRoomBox can be unpacked and assembled in about fifteen minutes, without any tools. But what makes the system work is the crafty way its designed to make use of the limited resources available found inside cars.

While each appliance is powered through a cord that runs from the car's battery, a built-in intelligent control system monitors volt usage and automatically shuts off power when the supply of electricity dwindles to 11 volts. That's the minimum amount of juice a battery needs to start the engine.

Although the mini-motor home system is available for shipment throughout Europe, a U.S. compliant version is still in the works. In the meantime, you can sign up for the waiting list.

For more information check out www.swissroombox.com

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