Video: Remote beer robot; the office Holy Grail?

Possibly the best office employee you will ever have: a robot which fetches you beer as you work away at your desk. Who needs a (human) assistant, after all?
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Powered by Linux through a web interface, those working in the Willow Garage office have developed and created the PR2 robot platform. Even with incredible technology and robot design, they have one just lurking about the office as their beer slave.

The PR2 robot, featured last year on Engadget, can be told which beer to get and from which fridge, using its cameras to determine which beer is the right one, open the door, pick it up, deliver it to your desk - and it can inform you if the fridge is out of stock and the alternatives it can see.

Two points: a gender neutral robot fetching beer for its fellow male colleagues negates office sexism, and secondly this is absolutely awesome and these guys should be an inspiration to the Generation Y.

Though, drinking beer at work? Probably not in England, anyway.

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