Video walkthrough of BlackBerry 10 leaks in advance of RIM launch event

More and more is leaking out as we approach the RIM BB 10 launch event and in this 7 minute, 30 second, video you get a good feel for possible hardware and the OS.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Last week I wrote that I was excited about BlackBerry 10 and yesterday I purchased roundtrip tickets to New York so I can attend the launch event at the end of the month and get some hands-on time with the new OS. As we march on towards the launch event, we are sure to see more and more leak out about BB10 and new hardware and today we saw a detailed video walkthrough of the possible Z10 device.

The more I see of this new OS in action, the more it looks like the evolution of MeeGo. I think this is a fantastic compliment for RIM as Nokia dropped the ball and killed off MeeGo too early when they went all in with Windows Phone. I love the look of the BlackBerry Hub and am pleased to see RIM offering something unique when compared to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The phone shown in the video is smaller than I anticipated, but we don't yet know if this is final, retail hardware and need to see it in comparison to other devices. The software is likely not finished, but still appears to be quite responsive and slick.

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