Vidiplus aims to fight Zoom fatigue in B2B meetings

Vidiplus uses augmented reality to display 3D visuals, branding, slideshows, and videos in virtual meetings in real-time without the presenter disappearing from view.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
Vidiplus aims to fight “Zoom fatigue” for B2B meetings zdnet

A new virtual presentation tool looks set to completely disrupt the video chat landscape, as it brings a clever new dimension into online meetings, which could transform the way you interact online.

Tel Aviv-based startup Vidiplus has released its new virtual presentation software that integrates with videoconferencing solutions and makes them more visually interesting. Its Vidiplus visual aid software works with BlueJeans, Google Meet, Lifesize, Zoom, MicrosoftTeams, Webex, and WhatsApp videoconferencing platforms and is intended to liven up online meetings.

Once the Vidiplus software has been installed on your Windows PC and opened you will see two window screens: A camera preview and a project bar. Turn on the camera preview so you can see yourself and click the broadcast icon. Then, drag the content you require into the Vidiplus bar.

To use the content in your presentation, click to play, and the content will appear in the camera preview window. Once the content has played, you can manipulate it using the project bar controls and display it on the right-hand side of the camera preview frame.

Then, in your chosen video conferencing product, such as Zoom or Teams, choose the virtual camera setting to see the content appear in the frame. You can drag and drop any visual content into your online calls and engage with it in real-time without having to disappear from view -- a very neat feature.

You can upload standard images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, 3D sequences or videos, or display items like Google Docs, or a WhatsApp conversation into a sharing frame. When 3D models are on screen, you can rotate them and point to a specific part. The 3D models are also transparent during rotation. 

You can also customize your background, adding your brand logos which are transparent in the middle. Position yourself on the left-hand side of the screen so that the content appears on the right-hand side. Vidiplus recommends that you do not modify the resolution from the 1280 x 720 default display setting.

Vidiplus was established in 2020 by CEO and Founder Dror Benjamin, who also founded Arcreative Media. Benjamin said: 

"The move from physical meetings to a totally digital sales funnel, enables companies to maximize their sales opportunities and customer communication --they save time and money on shipping products and traveling and can now dedicate these resources to provide more engaging, tailored and impactful experiences to their customers and prospects.

Virtual communication is here to stay but 'Zoom fatigue' doesn't have to be. Vidiplus can be seamlessly integrated into any camera-enabled video conferencing platform and can help B2B sales and support once again be personal, comfortable, and productive."

The software is currently available for Windows devices. You need Windows 10 with Microsoft's .NET framework 3.5 and Microsoft Visual Studio C++ redistributable installed. You also need at least a four-core CPU and 8GB RAM.

Vidiplus is compatible with WhatsApp desktop video calls, which show both presenter and recipient in the window. You can try the product out using one project for free, or pay for the Pro version at $9.99 per presenter per month billed annually.

With in-person meetings at a halt as a result of the pandemic, companies need to find a way to innovate during video conferencing calls -- and Vidiplus is certainly eye-catching.

By enabling this "show and tell" feature for products, Vidiplus looks like it could completely change how B2B sales calls happen. Having 3D visual content manipulated in real-time is very cool indeed.

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