Viewlocity to build UMW's B2B core

Viewlocity will provide UMW Group with the core infrastructure to develop a private online trading community.
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SINGAPORE - Viewlocity Inc., a global provider of B2B integration and online trading community solutions, will provide UMW Group, one of Malaysia's largest manufacturing conglomerates, with the core infrastructure to develop a private online trading community linking multiple customers and suppliers.

Billing RM$2.5 billion in revenue in their last financial year, the UMW Group manufactures motor vehicles, automotive components, rolling stock for rail and transport, heavy equipment attachments and parts, lubricants, and airport ground support equipment.

Amidst globalisation and keen competition, UMW has embarked on this strategic IT initiative to integrate their entire supply chain for B2B e-commerce.

Managing this project is UET, a joint venture between UMW and EDS Technologies, the IT organisation facilitating technology acquisition and application on behalf of UMW's operating divisions.

Ms. Mazwin Idris of UET believes that Viewlocity's integration solution will enable them to have real-time visibility of information across their diverse businesses and all of their partners in the value chain.

UET selected Viewlocity's e-infrastructure technology to provide the crucial B2B e-business layer to integrate over 20 companies under the UMW Group, its customers and suppliers. The pilot project, which went live in July 2000 after a rapid three-month implementation, involves integrating UMW Auto Parts with a trading partner in the United Kingdom.

Anders Berglund, Regional Managing Director of Viewlocity Asia Pacific pointed out that Viewlocity could help increase efficiency, collapse cycle times, inventory reductions, lower operating costs and improve customer service.

By using Viewlocity's e-infrastructure to integrate both companies' disparate environments, including legacy systems with Baan's ERP software, UMW is able to migrate to a multi-entity e-business strategy without
sacrificing its existing EDI investments.

Using the Viewlocity software's ability to connect and communicate across virtually any platform, application, format or standard, UMW was able to save significant time and costs in deploying its e-business framework, and also benefits from a streamlined supply chain and consequently, enhanced levels of customer satisfaction.

About UET

UMW-EDS Technologies Sdn Bhd (UET), a joint venture between UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd (UMW) and EDS, a US-based company, was incorporated in February 1994 to provide UMW with value added IT services and a new way of expanding its business.
UET is focused on moving customers into the global digital economy and helping to transform their business processes.

About Viewlocity

Viewlocity is a provider of B2B integration solutions for online trading communities and traditional supply chains.

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