VigLink intros LinkWeaver to boost content monetization on websites

LinkWeaver is designed to enable website publishers to connect readers with product and service information within content more quickly.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

VigLink, which specializes in website content monetization, is rolling out its LinkWeaver technology, which powers VigLink’s link insertion solution.

The goal touted here is to provide a win-win situation for website readers and publishers alike as LinkWeaver augments VigLink’s automated link affiliation by delivering a dual approach to content monetization.

Basically, the solution detects product and merchant references within content on websites and creates a custom set of links, based on similarities to the content, and they are embedded uniquely on each page. (See side images for examples.)

The idea is then that readers can click on one of those links to learn more about that particular product or service -- and possibly even make a purchase -- without leaving the origin website.

Besides the last point, the major bonus for website publishers is that this has the potential to deliver a stronger revenue source on top of whatever display and text advertising system they already have set up.

The end result is a service that is tightly integrated with content. It delivers value to readers by enabling them to access the information they want at the moment they’d like to act, and it gives publishers an additional revenue stream.

Although it is now generally available, VigLink boasts that, while in beta mode, LinkWeaver contributed to a 40 percent increase in revenue for various publishers using the platform.


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