Vimeo adds a suite of AI tools to make video creation significantly easier

These AI tools can help you reduce how long it takes to produce and edit a video. Here's how.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor

Have you ever had a great video idea that you just never got to because of how much work was involved? Vimeo, the video-sharing and editing platform, is attempting to solve that problem with the use of AI

On Tuesday, Vimeo announced it is adding a suite of AI tools to its platform that will automate a lot of the video-editing process. The features include an AI script generator, a teleprompter, and even a text-based video editor. 

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"AI in video opens up a new frontier of accessibility. Any individual or business now has the ability to produce engaging, professional content with no prior production experience, and within mere minutes," said Ashraf Alkarmi, chief product officer at Vimeo. 

The script generator will do exactly what the name implies -- generate a complete video script from user inputs, including tone and duration. 


TikTok recently added an AI Script Generator to its own platform. However, TikTok's integration is aimed at helping businesses produce ads, whereas Vimeo's is open to any consumer.  

To facilitate the recording of the video with the generated script, Vimeo is addeding a teleprompter feature that will bring a built-in script display to the platform. Like a real TV studio, the teleprompter's pace and font size can be personalized. 

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Lastly, the most time-consuming part of creating a video is typically the post-production edit. With the goal of helping users save time, as well as simplifying the editing process for beginners, Vimeo will now have a text-based video editor. 

This feature will allow users to cut filler words, long pauses, and other unwanted bits automatically with a single click of a button, eliminating the need to go in manually and edit every little thing. 

The features will be available in July and will be free to trial as part of Vimeo's Standard and Pro subscription plans. 

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