TikTok's new Script Generator tool uses AI to write ad scripts for you in seconds

Have trouble writing an ad script? Here's how you can let TikTok write it for you.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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TikTok joins many social media platforms, including Meta and LinkedIn, which have adopted generative AI to make marketing easier for businesses.  

TikTok's new Script Generator tool uses AI to generate ad scripts within seconds. All that the user has to do is select an industry and enter a product name and description to get a custom script for videos. 

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I decided to test out the feature. Inspired by the Diet Coke I was sipping on, I selected "Food and Beverage" as the industry, made the product name "straws," and made the product description "meant for drinking." 

Once I hit generate, the Script Generator output three different script options within seconds. The options also had specific directions for the scenes, including the voiceover, on-screen visuals, and text overlays you could use. 

TikTok Script generator script example
Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

At the top of the tool's page, TikTok includes a banner that warns users to use the AI-generated scripts at their own risk, as TikTok does not make any "promises or guarantees" about the content that is generated.  

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TikTok likely includes this banner as a way to warn against the hallucinations that AI models are prone to and the negative consequences these hallucinations could have

This feature is free to use and available to all TikTok for Business Accounts, and it can be found in TikTok's Creative Center on the desktop. 

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