Virgin America launches business flier social network

Will your next flight be less about sleeping and more about networking?
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer


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On the back of announcing a partnership with application developer HereOnBiz, Virgin America has launched an in-flight social network aimed at connecting business travelers through mobile technology.

The carrier says that the "Here on Biz" application -- which utilizes GPS technology to track a user's location -- can be accessed by passengers at the gate or while on the plane. Users log in to the in-flight network through other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and then are able to view other user profiles -- including information such as their name, firm, job and photo.

Users are also able to submit links to websites portraying their work or portfolios.

The iOS application could be useful for passengers already connected and working while on the go, especially if they are due to attend a meeting or conference and are looking for opportunities to network before arrival.

Virgin says the in-flight network will be launched on all flights by the end of February, but it is likely only business passengers will be users -- as the system requires a subscription to in-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo as well as a download of the Here On Biz iOS application.

This is not the only push by Virgin to make fliers connect with each other. The carrier also offers a seat-to-seat delivery service which lets fliers send food or drink to other passengers.

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