Virus leaks Ukraine President's documents to press

SirCam fights for freedom of speech...
Written by Ben King, Contributor

SirCam fights for freedom of speech...

The SirCam worm has claimed a new victim, Leonid Kuchma, the President of the Ukraine. The malicious code has wormed its way into secret Presidential documents and emailed them to the Ukrainian news website ForUm. A statement from ForUm said: "The Sircam virus, having infected computers in the presidential administration, is bombarding our editorial department with documents," according to a report by Reuters. ForUm has printed one of the documents, a schedule of Kuchma's movements for the celebrations of the country's tenth anniversary of independence later in the month - information that would normally be a closely guarded secret. The news follows a series of supposedly benign viruses, which claim to expose security flaws in IT systems, or inform the police about illegal pictures on hard disks. However, SirCam has struck a genuine if accidental blow for human rights. Kuchma is a fervent opponent of the free press, and he is believed to be responsible for the murder of over ten journalists in his time as Ukrainian President.
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