Visme: Presentation and storytelling simplified

If you want to visualize your ideas and tell stories in virtually any format: presentation, infographic, short animation or static graphic, then Visme might be the tool you have been waiting for.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

A Maryland based start­-up has released a major upgrade of its cloud-based presentation tool Visme. The "do-it-yourself platform" helps you to turn ideas into any type of visual content and share, publish and download anywhere.

Visme: Presentation and Story Telling Simplified ZDNet

The cloud based online tool allows you to create or import any kind of visual content such as infographics, presentations, banners and reports. Results can be marked private or available for public viewing.

The published content can be viewed on any device, and can be shared online, embedded to a site and also downloaded for offline use. If you are concerned about the Internet connection at a venue, you can download the project and open it offline on any browser.

Digital media from sites such as Flickr are available to use in your Visme projects which you can download as a pdf file, or embed into your own web site.

There are three licensing options: A basic, free option and two other subscription plans, paid monthly. There are discounts for educators and non-profits. There also are per user enterprise plans for teams to collaborate, have private Visme themes and templates.

Organisations can sub divide projects into trees and allocate differing levels of access to teams. The Organisational version has an analytics dashboard that shows who viewed your presentation and for how long.
Visme: Presentation and Story Telling Simplified ZDNet

You can use forms to capture email addresses for future outbound marketing using tools such as Salesforce or mailer systems.

The company does not see it aligned with online tool Canva. It sees Canva as "a graphic design tool. What you create is mostly static".

Visme allows you to animate virtually every object and embed it to external sites.

Founder of Visme, Payman Taei founded the company in 2013 to "simplify the way stories are told and ideas are visualized".

He ran a "lean and efficient start-up with with lot blood and sweat, bootstrapping Visme to profitability".

Taei says that Visme is used by over 175,000 individuals, non-profits, educators, and Fortune 500 companies.

A "number of companies have abandoned PowerPoint for Visme as the app of choice for presenting their content".

Taei also says that many Visme users were former Prezi users. he says that they "switched because they got tired of the zoom in/out effect". Visme lets people transition from using PowerPoint and other linear presentations and still feel "at home".

"I believe everyone has a creative side, but most of us never get to express it because we often don't have the right toolset, the time nor the patience. Visme is changing that by allowing you to translate your ideas into engaging content" he said.

For budding designers who want to create engaging content, Visme is certainly worth a look.

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