Visual Studio develops .Net strategy

Visual Studio .Net was three years in the making, a development timescale unprecedented for Microsoft. ZDNet UK brings you coverage of the launch with exclusive video and the first review. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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Gates unveils Visual Studio.Net NEWS:
Gates unveils Visual Studio.Net
Thurs 14 Feb: Gates calls the new developer tools a big step forward for XML Web services developers. It's the next step in Microsoft's Web-based computing plan Flaw found in MS security patch
Thurs 14 Feb: Software security company Cigital warns that a compiler which accompanies the new Visual C++.Net tool is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack Microsoft to debut developer tools
Wed 13 Feb: Visual Studio.Net launches on Wednesday, taking Microsoft's Web services strategy to the next stage Investment bank picks up on .Net
Wed 13 Feb: DrKW had to help Microsoft with security issues, but found .Net applications two or three times quicker to build. It's an early victory for Microsoft's new development environment COMMENT:
Why Web services will be the Next Big Thing
Wed 13 Feb: The giants of computing all agree on the importance of Web services - David Coursey explains why REVIEW:
Visual Studio .Net
Microsoft's new Big Idea -- Web services -- officially gets under way with the launch of its new flagship integrated development environment. But will Visual Studio.Net capture the hearts and minds of corporate developers? EARLIER COVERAGE:
Code-eating software battles it out in P2P arena
Wed 6 Feb: Terrarium is a peer-to-peer game in which competitors write code designed to propagate around the Internet eating other code Microsoft tests Java-to-C# conversion tool
Tue 5 Feb: Microsoft has released the first test version of its tool for converting Java to C# Microsoft plans Java exit
Tue 16 Oct 2001: Visual J#.Net is designed to help migrate older Java applications to .Net, but will not allow developers to create standalone Java applications 'Time bomb' strikes Visual Studio.Net beta
Wed 11 July 2001: Another headache for Microsoft as users learn they will have to reinstall Visual Studio.Net to fix bug .Net gets close to fruition
Wed 4 July 2001: Whether Microsoft can deliver the platform by its self-imposed year-end deadline is no sure thing MS .Net integration tools revealed
Mon 19 Mar 2001: Microsoft also cleared up the hierarchy of tools to make up software development suite Microsoft's new Visual Basic - a .Not?
Fri 19 Jan 2001: The software giant is touting its new Visual Studio.Net suite as key to its .Net vision. But developers say the Visual Basic.Net beta falls short
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