Vivu releases Skype plug-in for multi-person video conferences

A Skype plug-in makes it possible for several people to collaborate via video conferencing.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Vivu, a Silicon Valley company focused on the video conferencing space, is bringing its services to an audience that's already comfortable with video conversations over the Internet: Skype users.

The company today is releasing VuRoom, a Vivu-powered plug-in for Skype that will bring multi-user functionality to that service. The beauty of it, though, is that the only person who needs to install the plug-in and go through the process of setting up the conference is the person who initiates it. For everyone else, it's no different than just clicking a link and launching Skype.

The ViVu service is hosted on the cloud and can scale from small web conferences to corporate training sessions, as well as large video events that accommodates thousands of participants.

Analysts predict that the video conferencing space will continue to gain momentum as business customers continue to look for cost-effective tools for real-time communication and collaboration. The technology is getting to a level of sophistication that it could be used as a replacement for some conventions, such as what Cisco did for a global sales meeting last year.

VuRoom is compatible with both Mac and PC versions of Skype and can be downloaded immediately for $9.95.

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