VMware frees up enterprise social network Socialcast

VMware is breaking down some of the barriers to its enterprise social networking platform as it tries to build awareness for Socialcast.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Sometimes the easiest way to draw attention to your product is make it available to the public for free. It might not always be the best way, but sometimes it plain works.

That's probably what VMware is hoping for with Socialcast. The enterprise social networking platform, which was acquired by VMware last May, is being made available free of charge...to a point. That is to say that Socialcast membership and access will be free for up to 50 users per network.

VMware posits that by offering a free social solution, organizations that sign up now will be able to see business results and communities grow without having to invest heavily, making them more confident in deploying enterprise social networks for the long term.

Besides being free, the best part is that VMware isn't limiting the free memberships to just a few services here and there, but rather VMware is promising a fully-featured experience.

Free Socialcast communities will still consist of a secure and shared online workspace for internal and external team members, support to manage employee access and privileges, and the ability to connect with intranets, wikis, CRM solutions and other business applications. Furthermore, this will all be available to users on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices.

VMware hasn't revealed how long this promotion will be available. To get started, interested users can sign up online now.


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