VMware introduces new Unity Touch clients for mobile Windows

The company recently announced new Unity Touch mobile clients that will let users run Windows apps on their iOS and Android devices.
Written by David Morgenstern, Contributor

In a post on the VMware End-User Computing blog, Pat Lee, director of product management for end-user computing, introduced Unity Touch clients for VMware Horizon View 2.0. The Unity Touch clients will let users of iOS and Android devices browse and search files, and open Windows applications and files. It requires VMware Horizon View 5.2 desktop, she wrote.

The client introduces a sidebar interface to navigate the Windows: All Programs and My Files folders. The sidebar is invoked or hidden with a swipe or a click on its moveable tab.

My Files makes it easy to open the files and folders you care about in your Users folder, including Documents, Desktop, Music, Pictures, Videos, Downloads, and common cloud storage local folders, including Horizon Data, Dropbox, and Box. Just touch on My Files in the Unity Touch sidebar to easily navigate and open the files you care about in your virtual desktop.

You can create a custom list of favorite applications or files to easily access from the Unity Touch sidebar. Just click on Manage under Favorite Applications or Favorite Files and select your favorite items. Your favorites are remembered across all your mobile devices, whether when you switch from an iPad to a Galaxy Note to a Kindle Fire HD, your favorite apps and files are the same across all your devices when using the Horizon View Clients for iOS and Android.

Lee said the client's search bar searches through the applications and files in the remote desktop and the results that can be launched with a touch. The search interface supports iOS or Android voice dictation to enter search terms.

Unity Touch makes it easy to switch between running applications, just open the Unity Touch sidebar and touch the application or open window under Running Applications. Unity Touch will bring that application to the foreground.

Want to close apps or windows and find tapping the red close box "x" challenging? Not a problem, Unity Touch makes it easy to close windows or applications.

On iOS devices, just open the Unity Touch sidebar and do a left to right swipe on the window or application in Running Applications, and click Close.

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