VMware pools resources to develop Socialcast Integration Engine

VMware has introduced the Socialcast Integration Engine with deeper integration capabilities and app management features.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

The social enterprise is a hot topic this week with Salesforce.com's annual Dreamforce expo going on this week, but VMware is also promoting the trend with the debut of the Socialcast Integration Engine today.

The goal of the project is quite simple and generally goes along with the theme of social enterprise in general: integrate social features that should in the end deliver information that can lead to making better business decisions.

The way that VMware is trying to stand apart with the Socialcast Integration Engine is by describing this new strategy as a way to integrate custom built enterprise apps for everything from HR to inventory management with social platforms.

VMware is attempting to achieve this by combining the following three assets to turn systems into contributing factors in the activity stream:

  • Socialcast Reach, which already integrates activity streams from SharePoint, CRM systems, etc.
  • The Community App Manager, where developers build apps on the Socialcast platform
  • Developer APIs, including the REST API available in Socialcast for full access to the same functionality available via a community’s Socialcast website, which is touted to offer even deeper social integrations with business systems

By enabling these systems and bringing them to the Socialcast activity stream, VMware posits that this will deliver timely and more relevant data to employees who can act upon this information faster.

The Socialcast Integration Engine is now available via Socialcast’s Free communities for up to 50 users. Larger communities can be accommodated, but interested customers need to contact Socialcast directly.

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