VMware Workstation 6 is released

It's a product that I've been patiently waiting for - VMware Workstation 6 is released. Finally a way to run virtual machines on Vista without messing about with Virtual PC.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

I use VMware Workstation a lot.  In fact, after Windows, Office, web browsers and my trusty BlogJet blog authoring software, VMware Workstation is an application that I have running regularly.  I often test (and trash) operating systems though VMware Workstation.  It's a great product which saves me a lot of time and effort and means I can work on a variety of operating systems from the one PC. 

Finally, I have a way to run virtual machines on Vista without messing about with Virtual PC.  Don't get me wrong, Virtual PC 2007 (a Microsoft product) is OK, but compared to VMware it feels primitive and lacking.  I guess you get what you pay for (Virtual PC is free, VMware Workstation is not).

Well, VMware have finally released Workstation 6.  I've bought a copy and have it coming in right now, so I'll tell you more about it later after I've had some time to use it.  Some features, such as Virtual SMP which allows you to assign one or two processors to the virtual machine, is very interesting.  Version 6 also allows desktops to span across multiple monitors and offers USB 2.0 support.  Nice.

VMware Workstation 6 is reasonably priced at $189 and for a limited period you get free VMware ACE authoring capability so that you can package portable operating systems.

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