​VMware's expands public cloud services portfolio

VMware wants to be your enterprise public cloud provider.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

Move over Amazon! VMware wants a piece of the public cloud pie. To cut a bigger slice, VMware has added numerous new services to its VMware vCloud Air , its public cloud.

There are three new and improved vCloud Air services. These are: vCloud's Air Disaster Recovery; vCloud Air Object Storage; and vCloud Air SQL.

VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Services: VCloud's Air Disaster Recovery now includes a single cloud-based orchestration console and cloud services that deliver unified protection of all resources on-premises and off-premises. Key new enhancements to be delivered include:

  • Disaster Recovery OnDemand:VMware will add a pay-for-what-you-consume pricing option to vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. Customers will pay a flat fee for each protected virtual machine (VM) and their storage. When a disaster recovery test is run or a disaster recovery event occurs, customers will only pay for the VM's compute time.
  • Site Recovery Manager Air: Site Recovery Manager Air is a software as a service (SaaS) offering. It will provide VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery customers with a comprehensive management solution for designing, testing, executing and orchestrating centralized business continuity and disaster recovery plans. It will also enable fast, reliable and orchestrated recovery of VMware vCloud Air VM applications and data centers.

VMware vCloud Air Object Storage: VMware vCloud Air Object Storage is a pair of scalable, reliable and cost effective storage services for unstructured data.

  • VMware vCloud Air Object Storage powered by Google: This service is powered by Google Cloud Platform and is based on Google Cloud Storage. From the user's viewpoint, this is invisible. These Google services are integrated into vCloud Air OnDemand.
  • VCloud Air Object Storage powered by EMC is based on EMC ViPR . This beta program is offered by EMC Cloud Services and integrated into vCloud Air OnDemand. It's designed to be easy to set up and exceptionally durable and available. It uses RAID built-in redundancy to reduce the need for data protection.

VMware vCloud Air SQL: This is a new database as a service (DBaaS) offering designed to provide easy access to scalable, cloud-hosted relational databases. It uses Microsoft SQL Server for its DBMS.

VMware promises that it will deliver cost-efficient hybrid data solutions that seamlessly and securely extend on-premises databases to the cloud. Eventually, vCloud Air SQL will support other relational databases.

Taken together, Mathew Lodge, VMware's VP of Cloud Product Marketing, said that "The new IT battleground is the middle ground. It's about new cloud-native approaches that blend with existing systems. It's about migrating and modernizing applications. It's not about legacy, and it's not about green field. It's about where the two meet, merge and blur.

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