VMware's Workspace One targets mobile enterprise with 'hybridity'

VMware's Workspace One effort aims to consolidate the multiple acronyms needed to manage enterprise mobility.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

VMware on Tuesday updated its Horizon product lines and rolled out Workspace One, an end-user application designed to address "hybridity" as workers toggle between devices and personal and professional roles.

Sumit Dhawan, general manager of end-user computing at VMware, said the company was aiming to create a tool for a mobile application that isn't siloed by device or acronym (enterprise mobility management, virtual desktops, content management, mobile device management etc.).

According to Dhawan, Workspace One bridges the simplicity of consumer apps with enterprise policies and security. The application includes self-service access, choice of device, conditional access and automation as well as productivity tools.


Workspace One also includes dynamic virtual private network by application, integration with VMware's NSX software defined networking platform and analytics on usage.

The primary goal of Workspace One appears to be setting up an app catalog that will mix and match tools on any device.


VMware is updating its Horizon 7 and Horizon Air applications to add a hybrid mode. In a nutshell, Horizon 7 offers desktop and app delivery from private clouds and Horizon Air is the public cloud equivalent.

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