Vodafone delivers email and faxes to your mobile

Or your PDA. Or via the web. The choice is yours...
Written by Graham Hayday, Contributor

Or your PDA. Or via the web. The choice is yours...

Vodafone has today unveiled an enhanced voicemail service that presents voicemail, email and fax messages in a single inbox. Aimed at business users, Vodafone Mail can be accessed via any Vodafone mobile phone, wireless-enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs) or the web. Access to the service is free, with usage being charged at prevailing pre-pay and contract price plans. Users can receive and respond to messages regardless of format. For example, business people on the move could ask the system to read out the contents of emails to them over their mobile phone and then respond by recording a voice message, which is attached to the email and sent back to the originator, to be played on their PC. Russell Jones, Vodafone UK product manager, said: "[Vodafone Mail's] about bringing down the barriers between different technologies and providing the option of one access point to manage business critical messages more easily and efficiently. It's about controlling your messages before they control you."
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