Wall Street meets Main Street online

'Where's the money? What's the trade? What's your move?'
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

"Where's the money? What's the trade? What's your move?" asks Dylan Ratigan every evening at 8pm as host of CNBC’s new primetime show: “Fast Money.” 


Broadcast live from the NASDAQ Stock Market's street level MarketSite studio in New York City Times Square, CNBC touts "Fast Money" is a "rapid-paced, highly charged hour where four of Wall Street's best traders debate and discuss the hot trades of the day.”


The daily debut of the fast action show this month follows CNBC’s launch before the new year of its new, stand alone Web presence. CNBC continues to up the online ante, announcing now: “Have a Webcam? Fast Money Wants You!”:


CNBC's Fast Money and Logitech invite you go "Face 2 Face" with your webcam on television now!

Do you have a webcam? Have a question for the CNBC's Fast Money Five? For the first time on primetime television, you can go on air via your webcam to ask your question. Straight from your bedroom floor you can ask your question to the trading floor.

Google is targeting “bedroom” traders as well in 2007 with a planned roll-out of free, real-time stock quotes (see “Google Finance targets free real-time data").

“Stock culture meets pop culture” is the tag line for Howard Lindzon’s new “entertaining” video blog start-up, Wallstrip.

Wall Street can not guarantee “fast money,” but fast money fun can be had for free online 24/7.

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