Walmart's OneOps open source cloud management platform could become part of OpenStack

The retailing giant is pondering a move where its OneOps open source platform could be lumped under OpenStack.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Walmart is pondering lumping its OneOps open source cloud management platform under OpenStack since the two projects have integrated so well in an internal deployment.

The retailing giant's OneOps platform is already open source and on Github, but the company has rolled out its management console along with OpenStack for years.

OneOps was founded in 2011 as a company focused on provisioning and managing applications in the cloud. Walmart Labs acquired the company in 2013 and used its software to run its e-commerce sites. In January, Walmart Labs released OneOps as an open source project under Apache 2.0.

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In a demonstration at OpenStack East in New York, Andrew Mitry, Walmart's lead cloud engineer, said the company deployed OneOps and OpenStack together and wanted to "start a conversation about moving OneOps into OpenStack."

Mitry's main point is that OneOps and OpenStack work well together and could advance the cause of an open source cloud operating system.

Kire Filipovski, a distinguished architect at Walmart Labs and co-founder of OneOps, said the OneOps software is deployed in more than 30 cloud regions and the uptake of applications and users has surged over the last three years.


Filipovski noted that OneOps is used to deploy various instances of open source technologies. The demo included a Postgres deployment. "We are heavily pushing open source technologies at this point," he said.

Overall, Walmart is creating and destroying cloud instances at a rapid rate. "The (adoption) curve is unpredictable and we're building a platform that's built for change," he said.

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