Want a rare 7 inch tablet? Donate to charity auction for HP TouchPad Go prize

HP's TouchPad was a solid tablet that had a smaller brother scheduled to follow it up. However, the TouchPad Go was never launched. You can donate for multiple chances to win a part of mobile history.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Want a rare 7 inch tablet? Donate to charity auction for HP TouchPad Go prize

I still have an HP TouchPad webOS tablet that my wife is just rediscovering. HP started work on a 7 inch model, the HP TouchPad Go, but it was never released for sale. A few made it out into the hands of webOS enthusiasts and one such owner, Rich Dunbar, is raffling one off for charity during the month of September.

The HP TouchPad has been hacked to run Android so if you don't like webOS you should be able to get Android running on it as well. Then again, webOS is a solid operating system and I don't see why you would really want Android on it anyway. The TouchPad Go being auctioned off includes a Touchstone charging dock and is the GSM variant that supports AT&T's data network.

Rich is splitting ALL proceeds from the auction between the Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana, struck hard by Hurricane Isaac, and Sally Johnson's program to help AIDS patients in Texas. To enter you simply visit PayPal and Send Money to GiveForAGo@gmail.com in US $10 increments only. Donations should be made by selecting "Send Money" and "Personal" and "Gift." This will ensure all of the proceeds are available to the recipients. Each $10 increment gets you an entry into the random drawing. I know I would love to have the device and also feel these are great choices in charities so I just donated to the cause.

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