Want to make your Web site more effective?

SiteApps offers a suite of applications specifically meant to help small businesses get a better handle on traffic and visitor metrics -- and then take action to improve them.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

How often does your small company's marketing team actively analyze visitor behavior and campaign metrics associated with your Web site -- and then take action to change things that don't work all that well? Hourly? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

The answer is probably, "Not all that often." That's because many of the tools and services built for doing this were developed by technical people for use by technical people, certainly not for someone who is an accidental IT manager who just happens to manage Web capabilities as just one part of their overall job duties.

Enter SiteApps, a service that is specifically focused on helping small businesses evaluate their Google analytics information without requiring a degree in Web development.

The company offers oodles of Web widgets and applications that small businesses can add to their site to make it more effective: such as social media audience building tools or payment options. SiteApps recommends which services your company might want to consider using, based on your company's unique -- and constantly changing -- analytics profile.

For example, a small business might consider adding an app that rewards returning visitors with incentives to become a paying customer every time they come back to the site.

The service, which has been around for about two years and was originally created by Brazilian digital marketing company Predicta, has about 55,000 users so far, according to the background information on its own Web site.

Here is SiteApps' own description of its service: "The whole definition of 'Web site manager' changes: today the role of manager falls in the hands of the techie, who is not necessarily the most business-oriented person in the organization. With SiteApps, finally the people most interested on the progress of the Web site will be responsible for change."

There is a free version of the service, which covers up to 100,000 monthly page views, weekly analytics and "five active installs" of different SiteApps widgets. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month for daily analytics updates, 20 active installs and 500,000 monthly page views. 

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