Want to stress less? There's an app for that

In need of a chill pill? A new app called MyCalmBeat may be able to help.
Written by Stacy Lipson, Contributor

Today's workforce can be stressful. From difficult co-workers to bad bosses, the problems may seem endless. If you find yourself in need of a chill pill, a new app called MyCalmBeatmay be able to help.

"It is widely known that slow, deep breathing is one of the best ways to decrease stress, but not many people know why it works or specifically how to train to receive the benefit," said Evian Gordon, Ph.D., chairman of Brain Resource in a statement. "MyCalmBeat provides a personalized way for you to train at a slow breathing rate that's best for you. At the same time it provides real time physiological feedback from your heart rate variability to help you observe and monitor improvements in your ability to manage stress."

According to the Brain Resource statement, MyCalmBeat tracks your heart rate thanks to a small ear clip, which monitors your breathing through a heart rate monitor. Each time you run through a number of breathing exercises, MyCalmBeat helps you learn your best breathing rate. Additionally MyCalmBeat offers a software component that can be accessed through a PC.

To learn more about MyCalmBeat, access the website here. The app currently retails for a limited time at $49.50, but will soon jump to $79.95, according to Brain Resource. A free version of MyCalmBeat can be downloaded here.

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