Warp 4 to ship in October

IBM will hope that a hard diet of Java will restore OS/2 when it releases Warp 4 at the end of October in the UK.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The company said today that the ability to run Java app-lets could create a whole new software base for the operating system and claimed that it is perfectly positioned for the new model of network computing. Version 4 has tight Internet integration and a version of Netscape Navigator for OS/2 is in beta, giving loyalists access to Web browsing on a par with Windows users.

"IBM hasn't abandoned the desktop," said Mike Collins, product marketing manager for networking software. "The playing field has moved away from the plain desktop OS. An OS-independent language like Java lets users pick an OS on its merits rather than say 'I chose Windows because I need Word'."

Collins added that a version of Lotus's SmartSuite for OS/2 is about to go into beta testing and said sales of Warp have increased since the launch of Windows 95.

Without OS/2's voice support, the system will run happily on a 33MHz 486DX with 16Mb RAM, IBM said. With speech enabled, the basic requirement is a 90MHz Pentium with 16Mb or 24Mb RAM.

OS/2 Warp 4 will cost £162 + VAT or £107 + VAT for users of previous versions.

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