Watch Facebook go public

Facebook is going public. Will the stock go up, or down? The social networking giant has a valuation of $104 billion, which making it the largest U.S. company, by market value, at its IPO.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook on Thursday priced its shares at $38, giving itself a valuation of $104 billion, and raising $18.41 billion. In the biggest moment for the 8-year-old company (yet), Facebook is going public today.

Don't want to miss it? Don't worry. The Nasdaq is streaming the event live and CNET has a live blog.

Here's the schedule (in EST):

  • 9:15:00 NASDAQ Video Presentation
  • 9:22:00 Director, NASDAQ OMX, introduces Senior Executive, TBD, NASDAQ OMX
  • 9:22:30 Remarks from Senior Executive, TBD, NASDAQ OMX; invites Chairman, President and/or CEO, XYZ Company, to podium
  • 9:24:30 Remarks from Chairman, President and/or CEO, XYZ Company.
  • 9:26:30 Senior Executive, TBD, NASDAQ OMX, presents crystal commemorative gift
  • 9:27:00 Guests join Chairman, President and/or CEO, XYZ Company onstage.
  • 9:29:15 Prepare for Opening Bell, face cameras, applause
  • 9:29:50 Ten-second countdown
  • 9:30:00 XYZ Company "Rings NASDAQ Opening Bell"

Yes, that's very general but don't worry it still applies to Facebook. Currently, Facebook employees are on the final stretch of their last hackathon as a private company at their Menlo Park headquarters. The event will end with Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg ringing the Nasdaq bell remotely to signal the company has gone public.

Facebook shares will start trading later this morning. Shares are expected to be released at approximately 11:00 A.M. EST. You'll be able to watch the stock in real-time on the Nasdaq or your favorite financial site. So… How high will FB go?.


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