Watch Hurricane Sandy on webcams as it batters the U.S. East Coast

When was the last time you used a live, 24/7 webcam? Well they might come in handy as Hurricane Sandy hits.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

Hurricane Sandy, the largest tropical cyclone on record, is shutting down everything from Wall Street to public transit. Most East Coasters are hunkered down and following the storm on Twitter or local news stations. Listening to forecasts can get repetitive (yet how can you ignore a storm which has turned into what is considered the "worst case senario"?). There's another way to track the storm using technology you probably haven't used in a while: the webcam, which shows a live, 24/7 feed of a fixed location. Who's going to stare at a live feed of Coney Island on a normal day? But as Sandy reaches New York City, this Coney Island webcam will give you a good view of the storm. No need to wait for a weather forecast, you can see what's happening for yourself.

Quartz came up with the idea and they have an exhaustive list of other relevant webcams throughout New York City and along the Atlantic Coast. They also point to Instacane, Instagram photos from Hurricane Sandy.

Here's the full list.

This will definitely feed my Hurricane Sandy-tracking addiction (at least while the power is still on).

Are there other interesting ways you're following the storm?

Photo: NOAA

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