WaterField Designs bags for Google Pixelbook: Protect your Chromebook and carry the pen

WaterField Designs makes some fantastic bags for mobile gear and even has a couple of options that work for the Google Pixelbook. They are reasonably priced and will last you for years.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As I detailed last week, the Google Pixelbook is my new primary computer and I am loving it.

To date I have been carrying it in my gear bag naked with the Google Pixelbook Pen stuffed in another pocket of the bag. Given that WaterField Designs makes some fantastic bags I reached out to Heidi to see if it had anything made for the Pixelbook since I did not see anything on the WaterField website. It turns out it has one case for the Pixelbook and others that may also work too.

PC Laptop SleeveCase

My search did not turn up any results for Google Pixelbook, but Heidi directed me to the PC Laptop Sleevecase page. If you then go to the size dropdown you will find sleeve #23-18 specifically for the Google Pixelbook.

Just like the Apple iPad Pro, having a stylus for a device with no silo for carrying it with the tablet is a real pain. I noticed that the Laptop Sleevecase for the Pixelbook did not have a pen loop to carry the Pixelbook Pen. Heidi mentioned that all cases are made right in San Francisco when customers place their order so she would have one made to carry my Pixelbook Pen.

You can purchase the Laptop Sleevecase in either horizontal or vertical orientation and since I have never tested out a vertical case I requested one of these to evaluate. Trim options include black ballistic with micro trim and waxed canvas with grizzly leather. As a fan of the aged look, I think it adds character, I chose the waxed canvas option.

Customers can also choose to have D-rings and a suspension strap added. Since my intent was to have a case to carry the Pixelbook with the pen in a larger gear bag or around the office, I did not have D-rings added to the Sleevecase.

The Laptop Sleevecase has a large pocket on the back to carry cables, a magazine, or other goodies. The main compartment is hidden under a large flap that is secured with Velcro on the front. This compartment is roomy and lined with soft black material and foam to protect your Pixelbook.

Under the flap, near where it attaches to the rest of the case, you will find a silo for the Pixelbook Pen. It is long enough to encompass most of the pen with a perfect diameter to hold it securely in place. The pen loop sits under the flap, but against the outside of the case and does not rest in the main compartment with the Pixelbook.

There is a loop along the bottom of the case so that you can hold onto it and pull the Pixelbook easily from the case.

In typical WaterField fashion, the case is built with quality materials and fabulous construction. I've been using WaterField Designs products for years and it is incredible how they hold up over time. You cannot go wrong choosing a WaterField Designs bag.

This PC Laptop Sleevecase for the Pixelbook is priced at $69, which I think is a great deal for protecting your $1,000+ device.

WaterField Designs bags for Google Pixelbook: in pictures

Dash Sleeve for iPad Pro

Heidi looked up the measurements of the Google Pixelbook and also proposed that I check out a Dash Sleeve designed for the Apple iPad Pro. These slim cases have a zippered mesh pocket for extra gear, which is perfect for the Pixelbook Pen.

These sleeves are made with Luna textile and are coated with water-resistant Nanotex technology. There is also one model made with black ballistic nylon, but the other options include modern colors of blue, green, gray, and red. Heidi sent along a cool blue one for me to test out with the Pixelbook.

This carrying case is lightweight and adds minimial size to the Pixelbook. The interior is lined with soft fabric and foam. A small elastic loop slips over the top to help secure the Pixelbook in place. However, the Pixelbook already just barely squeezes into this sleeve so it is held very securely in position. It actually took a bit of effort to remove it for the first week.

One great feature for those of us who fly a lot is that both of these cases are TSA-checkpoint friendly so you can leave your Pixelbook inside each of these while passing through security. It can be a bit risky to pull out your laptop and set it down in a bin naked so I appreciate having a checkpoint friendly case solution.

The Dash Sleeve is available now for $89. If you are looking for a great case to carry your Pixelbook around the office or slip into and then carry in a larger backpack or other gear bag, then the Dash Sleeve is a stylish alternative.

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