WaterField Designs Time Travel Case and WatchPad for Apple Watch: Elegant accessories fit for the office and road

WaterField Designs is known for making high quality cases and bags that look as good after five years as the day they were delivered. Matthew tested out two new products with a focus on the Apple Watch.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
I travel quite often and am always on the lookout for ways to safely and securely carry my gear. The Apple Watch Sport, see my full review, has been with me for over two weeks and been in Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, New York, and Seattle.

WaterField Designs is known for making high quality bags and cases. Along with my Apple Watch, the WaterField Bolt Briefcase was along on these recent trips as well. After my return from New York, WaterField sent along its new Time Travel Case for Apple Watch and WatchPad for evaluation.

Time Travel Case for Apple Watch

While traveling to visit these three cities outside of Seattle the past two weeks, I placed the long Apple Watch cable and charging stand in a pocket of my suitcase, along with my BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds, and other chargers and cables. I have a Milanese Loop Apple Watch band on order to use when I am in meetings and in professional settings since the blue Sport band doesn't quite go well with a shirt and tie.

The WaterField Designs Time Travel Case is designed to carry the Apple Watch charger, extra bands, and other gear in a well-protected case that also looks great. In typical WaterField fashion, the Time Travel Case is of the highest quality materials and fabrication so it will last you for years.

The Time Travel Case comes in deer-tanned, cowhide leather or black ballistic nylon. Colors options include black, camel, grey, red, forest green, cowboy brown, and black in ballistic nylon. I was sent the camel leather one to test out.

The rolled up Apple Watch charger fits into one of the two padded accessory pockets while extra watch bands fit into the long padded pocket on the opposite side of the interior. I placed my Sportsbuds into the large middle compartment, which can also be used to hold your iPhone or other piece of gear. The interior pockets have ample badding with soft lining while the large watch band pocket has one suede face.

The case is kept securely closed with a locking zipper that extends along two sides of the case. There is an exterior pocket that could be used to rest your Apple Watch on while charging at night in your hotel room.

The exterior material is very soft, smells great, and has sturdy stitching. There is a ballastic nylon bottom support piece sewn to the leather. This spine piece then leads into the zippered area.

The black ballistic case is priced at $49 and the leather options are priced at $59. This is rather expensive for an accessory carrying case, but you can always trust WaterField Designs products to last you for years while looking nearly brand new.


The WatchPad is basically a piece of naturally-tanned, full-grain leather designed for you to rest gear on while charging. While it is definitely a simplistic accessory, it is actually exactly what I have been looking for to place on my desk.

I currently have an old ragged mouse pad that I place on my wood desk to protect it from scratches and other damage from resting and sliding devices while they are either plugged in to charge or just resting on my desk as I work. The WatchPad comes in grizzly leather or black. I tested the grizzly leather one and it fits on the spot I have for it on my desk much better while looking great.

The WatchPad measures 8 inches by 4.75 inches and weighs 1.3 ounces. While you can use it to place your Apple Watch charging on, I am also using it for the multiple phones I test and charge regularly. It's available now for $17. Sometimes the simple ideas and products are exactly what we need.

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