Waxman-Markey bill set for vote in U.S. House

Some are fer it, some agin it. The White House seems pleased.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Some are fer it, some agin it. The White House seems pleased. Waxman and Markey still have their names on it. Greenpeace evironmentalists despise it, so does Dr. James Hansen we hear. Right wing groups like Heritage Foundation and Americans for Tax Reform are using words like "fiasco." One conservativde voice in Canada predicts the bill will trigger a deep depression, economically, that is. Besides it might mean we buy less of Canadian oil and gas. Out in Los Angeles they know a bit about air pollution and smog. The largest paper there is outraged by the Waxman-Markey bill actually hinting that politics--once again--trump science in Congress. Duh. Who's got the richest lobbyists? Oil and coal or the Nataional Academy of Sciences and polar bears? Duh. The NRDC feels this is the best bill that could get out of committee where lobbyists have the most sway and science is a vague ideal. [poll id="148"] This current version of the bill includes a cap and trade program for CO2 polluters. That alone is good for dozens of lawsuits and endless causistry in political blather. Europe has a three-year old cap and trade law. It's either too soon to tell or an utter boondoggle, and you can google it to find a myriad of articles that will reinforce whatever your prejudice is about cap and trade. It's as controversial in Europe as gun control is in America. If you really want to wade through the Waxman-Markey bill, here is HR BIll 2454 and they warn you it may clog your computer. This bill defines "verbose."

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