Wearable tech to keep your kids safe

Have a look at these wrist based wearable tech items that enable parents to know exactly where their children are – with apps to alert parents if the child wanders off or becomes still.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Wearable tech is becoming the norm. There is something for everyone — even our kids. And keeping our kids safe is a priority for these innovative start ups.


Stockholm, Sweden based Tinitell claims to be the worlds smallest mobile phone ever made. Founded in 2013 the company’s Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal of $100,000 with three weeks to go. It is an "affordable and durable wrist phone for kids".

Wearable tech to keep kids safe ZDNet

Tinitell was created as a way for parents to be in touch with their kids It has the added benefit of knowing where your Tinitell is by using the app to give peace of mind for parents responsible for their kids well-being. 

To make a call, press and hold the button and say who you want to call. The voice recognition software matches the spoken voice-command with a pre-recorded voice-label.

The voice recognition software does not have to understand every word and dialect in the world, but only has to match the spoken voice command with pre-recorded voice labels.

Wearable tech to keep kids safe ZDNet

The one-button phone has a micro SIM, is about an inch across (30mm) with CPU, flash memory, Bluetooth and an accelerometer.

If the watch is still for two minutes the watch sends a message to the parent. Parents can use the administrative app to quickly see when the Tinitell is not moving.

The phone has a GSM Module 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS and GPS. Its battery has a standby time of seven days and talk time of 60 minutes.

You can add numbers to the Tinitell iOS app, Android app or website which updates the Tinitell phone.

The phone contains numbers of the people that "matter the most" to you and your child. GPS ensures that you always know where your kids are. An open SDK will is available with the developer’s kit to customise the watch.

Wearable tech to keep kids safe ZDNet
Image: Tinitell

The phone can receive calls from any telephone number with its one touch answer button and vibration to alert you of incoming calls. It is water resistant and tough enough to withstand childsplay.

Mats Horn, Founder of Tinitell says "We have seen that parents in Sweden want to buy a mobile phone for their kids when their kids turn nine. The reality, on the other hand, is that they buy mobile phones for their children at age seven.

Parents want to wait, because phones today don’t satisfy parents' need (they are easy to lose, expensive, fragile, and distract kids from playing with real things instead of virtual things), but then they realise they have to buy a mobile phone for their kid.

They feel like they have to be in touch with their kids, and buy a phone. The way today’s mobile phones don’t meet parents need is glaring."

This phone might just hit all the buttons with its simple design.


Another watch for kids designed with GPS functionality is the hereO. Founded in 2011 the  company aims to help you track where your children are.

Image: HereO

In the US more than 800,000 children are reported missing each year. The first three hours are vital when trying to locate a missing child so having devices to aid recovery is critical to success.

Wearable tech to keep kids safe ZDNet
Image: HereO

The SIM based hereO GPS watch has been designed specifically for children of three years and upwards. It is "the smallest real-time GPS tracking device" designed for children by children.

The hereO watch has an optional child proof locking mechanism which means that the device stays where it is intended to be.

It enables parents to know where their child is at any moment in time. The hereO helps to keep the child safe and families connected. Its Indiegogo campaign has reached over $200,000 against its goal of $100,000.

Wearable tech to keep kids safe ZDNet
Image: HereO

Children have been involved in the design of the watch to make it "cool" for them to wear. Safe zones can be created such as home, work and school.

If your child wanders off from the set place and location the hereO will send an alert to the parent’s smartphone with the child’s exact location.

Children can check in with the entire family by sending a broadcast message.

It also has a tamper alert and a panic button which sends an emergency message and position to all family members if the watch is removed or the button is pressed.

You can check all the locations where the child has been during the day and get directions to the child’s current location.

The hereO free family app is currently available on iOS with other platforms coming soon. It syncs with the watch and with other phones using the app so you can discover the location of all members of your family.

Its battery lasts up to 72 hours between charges and it has a built in SIM card that works in over 140 countries. Its early bird pricing starts at $99 with a six month subscription and costs $4.95 per month thereafter.

"Keeping families safe and connected is our mission," said hereO CEO Gill Mendelson. ”Our goal in creating hereO was to let kids be kids while providing parents with peace of mind.”

Ensuring that our kids stay safe is top of mind for most parents. With these innovative devices parents can worry a little less about what their kids are up to when they are outside.

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