Web 2.0 video showcase: Acceptable.tv, Brightcove, Payoneer

UPDATE: Google news and views, Web 2.0 showcase: NEW at Digital Markets!
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

UPDATE: Google news and views, Web 2.0 showcase: NEW at Digital Markets!

First Issue: NY Video 2.0 March Meetup Presentations at Columbia University

MTV Networks: Kenny Miller, EVP & Creative Director, Global Digital Media
Brightcove: Tony Dunaif, VP, Content Partnerships
Payoneer: Yuval Tal, Founder

MTV Networks's Acceptble.TV: Kenny Miller

“When watching isn’t enough, take control” at Acceptable.tv.

Viacom’s MTV Networks is continually exploring “digital programming innovation” to develop new ways to “be relevant to our audience.” Television is a fundamentally social medium: entertainment, connection, communication…On Demand is the biggest game changer.

Enter Acceptable.tv:

Whether you're here to WATCH, VOTE or CREATE, you're a part of a new thing. Acceptable.tv is a very simple show based on a very simple premise: namely, that some stuff is better than other stuff.


Instead of some crusty old television executive determining which of these pilots are worth watching, we're enlisting you (yes, YOU!) to determine which of these pilots deserve the right to be seen again and which get cancelled. Every Friday night on VH1, you'll WATCH one 30-minute episode that contains five 2.5 minute episodes of TV shows that WE made. In that same episode, you'll also get to see one mini-episode of a show YOU, the Acceptable.tv community.

Immediately following the episode, you can come to Acceptable.tv and VOTE for your two favorite pilots.

We’ve created 8 tutorials to help you figure out how to make really Acceptable TV. Watch, learn and then upload your video. Every week, our producers will review all of the submissions on the site. We’ll choose which are the MOST Acceptable of the bunch. From there, the audience will vote on our home page and the winner will show up on Friday night, on Acceptable.TV on VH1. 

Brigthcove: Tony Dunaif

In January, Brightcove closed on a $59.5 million “strategic funding round that will allow the Internet TV company to accelerate international expansion and solidify a market leading position as the Internet TV market matures and consolidates in the coming year.”

Total Brightcove funding to date: approximately $83 million. Brigthcove strategic investors: The New York Times Company, AOL, The Hearst Corporation, IAC/InterActiveCorp…

Brightcove enables video producers and programmers to build broadband businesses: create, distribute and monetize Internet TV channels.

Publish: Launch your Internet TV channel
Syndicate: Find video content for your Website
Advertise: Reach your market through online video.

Brigtcove stats:

Eight week product enhancement cycle,

Brightcove Platform: turnkey, customizable branded channel development for media websites to create Internet TV businesses,

Brightcove Network: content producers receive 50/50 advertising revenue split,

Working with the IAB on video advertising formats (ads no longer than 15 seconds),

$25 average online video CPM (higher for premium, exclusive content, lower for repackaged consumer generated content),

Brightcove AdNet advertising network targets by audience, contextual and ROI objectives.

Payoneer: Yuval Tal

Prepaid outsourced "pay-out" solutions for online applications:

If you are an Affiliate Network, have a Web 2.0 application such as a video blog or are an IPSP (Internet Payment Service Provider), you probably need either to share revenue or to pay commissions to people worldwide.

Payoneer markets, manages and services prepaid MasterCard cards in conjunction with the Royal Bank of Scotland and the First Bank of Delaware to issue and process the cards. The fully-hosted service includes varied payment options with minimal integration required, full back-office functions and customer support offered.

Payoneer is a privately-held company, a registered MSP with MasterCard, with offices in Israel and in the U.S.

UPDATE: Google news and views, Web 2.0 showcase: NEW at Digital Markets!

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