Webroot SecureAnywhere targets zero day attacks from the cloud

Webroot's cloud-based SecureAnywhere solution promises integrated security for PC, Android and iOS Users with an easy-to-use, centralized management platform.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Webroot's new SecureAnywhere is boasted by its makers as "the first security solution to leverage comprehensive application behaviors to determine the categorization of all software, good and bad."

Essentially, the cloud-based solution will analyze every file that tries to run on a PC. That data is fed into Webroot’s threat intelligence network (again, in the cloud). Within a matter of seconds, users around the world using SecureAnywhere should be protected from the newest threats.

SecureAnywhere can also monitor the systems of offline computers, and if malicious activity is observed, the platform will take action against it.

Touted as easy-to-install within six seconds being that it is a 6MB program, here's a rundown on some of SecureAnywhere's key features:

  • Cloud-based detection (so no time-consuming signature updates as reboots are not required)
  • Predictive protection for offline computers
  • Heuristic threat detection analyzing thousands of file characteristics
  • Scanning and blocking of malicious Web search results, links and URLs
  • Phishing protection
  • System cleanup tools, including military-grade file erase
  • Multiple remediation tools
  • Can co-exist with other security software products

Additionally, an anti-malware protection version for Mac computers will debut in early 2012. But as more sophisticated, zero day attacks are rising so much lately, SecureAnywhere also includes a feature dubbed as the Identity Shield, which has been designed to target advanced zero-day keyloggers, screen grabbers, and banking and personal information-stealing Trojans.

Other protective functions consists of the Web Threat Shield, which blocks phishing attacks and exploits by analyzing web content before the browser takes action, and the Core System Shield that ensures that system structures have not been modified and all components are functioning properly.


Webroot's SecureAnywhere is available starting today, and the pricing scale is as follows:

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus (Basic antimalware service with protection and management) -- 1 PC: $39.95/£24.95; 3 PCs: $49.95/£29.95
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials (Mid-level suite with Windows firewall management, 2GB of online storage and file/sync services) -- 3 PCs: $59.95/£39.95
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete (Premium suite with 10GB of online storage, password management and sync across multiple PCs/mobile devices) -- 3 PCs & 3 mobile devices: $79.95/£49.95
  • Premier edition (Complete, plus app inspector, SIM card lock, device wipe, and settings audit) -- $19.99/£12.99

A special edition for Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete users that will add on file access/sync and password management features will roll out this November.

However, Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Security for Android and iOS are free and can be downloaded from the Android Market and iTunes respectively immediately. These editions include secure web browsing, tabbed browsing, and web-based portal management.


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