Webvisions uses Cobalt's dedicated server solutions

Webvisions and Plan-B Speed.Com join forces to provide ISPs, ASPs and SMEs a low-cost solution that supports high-traffic web sites, e-commerce and application hosting. Read on to find out how they intend to do it.
Written by Kelvin Hoi, Contributor

SINGAPORE - Webvisions Pte Ltd, a web hosting company, allies with Plan-B Speed.Com Pte Ltd, Cobalt's distributor in South East Asia, to provide businesses and end users with fast, low-cost, easy-to-use dedicated servers for e-mail and simple web hosting.

Webvisions' Cobalt RaQ dedicated server program utilises the Cobalt "server appliances" to provide businesses and end users the ability to configure and manage their own dedicated web hosting servers.

Roger Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Webvisions says that because of the increase in demand for dedicated server hosting services, the integration of the two companies will help provide a high level of web site performance and operations, as well as customised availability and scalability unique to each customer's hosting requirements.

Stephen Hoe, Major Account Manager at Plan-B Speed.Com noted that Webvisions' high-bandwidth connectivity would ease maintenance and management of web sites.

Now, with the use of the Cobalt RaQ, which can simultaneously host up to 200 web sites, companies can now have their own stable and secure presence on the Internet without having concerns over sharing resources with other web sites. With nothing more than a browser access, RaQ users can set up applications for web site hosting, e-mail, FTP and file storage, reducing the need for complex OS knowledge or Internet systems administration.

About Webvisions
Webvisions Pte Ltd, founded in 1996, is a Singapore web hosting provider. Webvisions hosts over 7,000 businesses internationally and provides dedicated web hosting services, such as e-commerce, server co-location, application and database hosting.

About Plan-B
Plan-B Speed.Com Pte Ltd, started in 1996, is a subsidiary of Plan-B Technologies Pte Ltd and Strike Engineering (SESDAG listed: STK.SG), specialises in providing IT and telecommunications solutions for its customers.
Cobalt product lines include the Cobalt Cube, Cobalt Cache, Cobalt RaQ, Cobalt Streaming RaQ, Cobalt E-Commerce RaQ and the StaQware, which are deployed as Internet and web-hosting server appliances in businesses, providing solutions for ISPs, ASPs, SMEs and the educational institutions.

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