Week in review: Thoughts on mobile (next disruptor, 10 Windows apps, Apple hybrid)

Time to look back on the week on ZDNet Mobile News gathered in one place in case you missed something.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

This week on ZDNet Mobile News saw coverage of some wide ranging topics about mobile. There were articles about Windows, Apple, the IBM/Apple alliance, and the Chromebook. They are gathered here in case you missed something.

The next disruptor in mobile technology — What will be the Next Big Thing to shake up the mobile space? This article takes a look at what it might be, and puts healthcare front and center.

Six months with the Acer C720 Chromebook: Still good for $199 — The lowly Chromebook is picking up steam in the mobile space, especially in education. This look at one of the best values in laptops details why the Chromebook is still serving the author well after six months.

Life hack: Tablet stand from $2 office item — A $2 office supply item can be used as a good stand for that tablet on your desk. Works with smartphones, too.

Biggest losers (and winner) in Apple-IBM enterprise alliance — The alliance between Apple and IBM to get more iPads in the workplace made the news this week. This article looks at the big winner and losers from the deal.

Time for a MacBook Air and iPad 2-in-1 — Making a case for a hybrid (2-in-1) from Apple, combining a MacBook Air and iPad Air.

10 good Windows 8 apps (Summer 2014) — Looking for apps for your new Surface Pro 3? The 10 apps in this collection are a good place to start.

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