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Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

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This is SmartPlanet, CNET's sister site about global business innovation. We write about futuristic technology, brilliant ideas by the world's top thinkers, and the business strategies that bring them to every corner of the globe.

(We've been mentioned on Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish, Gizmodo, Treehugger, ZDNet, Grist, Popular Science...and oh yeah, CNET.)

This site covers a lot of ground: we have blogs about energy, design, cities, science, healthcare, transportation and technology. We even have a network of foreign correspondents, and we've also got three top-notch columnists who are respected experts in their fields.

We publish short posts and long posts, reported features and personal essays, reviews and news. We like to mix it up, keep it interesting and always delight.

Oh, and one more thing: we've got a tremendously smart community of readers -- the number of advanced degrees and executive titles hiding behind those handles is staggering -- who read and comment on the site every day. If what we're writing isn't enough to bring you back, their daily insights certainly are.


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