Welcome new Thinking Tech editor Deborah Gage

We say goodbye to Thinking Tech editor John Dodge and hello to a new one: Deborah Gage.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

As we say goodbye to founding Thinking Tech editor John Dodge, we say hello to a new contributing editor: Deborah Gage.

A journalist for almost 20 years, Deb's longtime beat has been covering business and technology news in Silicon Valley, most recently for the San Francisco Chronicle.

She's won dozens of awards over the years, but she's most proud of her investigation for Baseline magazine about American-made software that was exported to Panama and malfunctioned. (The software caused 28 patients at Panama's National Cancer Institute to be overdosed with radiation; the hospital had blamed machine operators, who were charged with second-degree murder.)

On Thinking Tech, Deb will be covering what we at SmartPlanet like to call "big tech," which includes NASA, DARPA, cars, trains, airplanes and all the underlying systems that make them important to business.

Please welcome her. --The Editors

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