Welcome new Thinking Tech editor John Herrman

We say goodbye to Thinking Tech editor Dan Nosowitz and hello to a new one: John Herrman.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

As we say goodbye to Thinking Tech editor Dan Nosowitz (who moves on to the storied halls of Popular Science), we say hello to a new contributing editor: John Herrman.

Based in New York City, John comes to us from the gadget blog Gizmodo, and has a knack for telling folks how the world works. He's written about as diverse topics as how food cooks, why wireless electronics operate at 2.4GHz and the unique properties of amorphous metal alloys.

On SmartPlanet, John will cover what we like to call "big tech," which includes everything from NASA and DARPA to robotics, supercomputers, hybrid cars, high-speed rail and aerospace breakthroughs.

(Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed his byline: he's already written about start-stop auto techRussia's version of DARPA and Boeing's $89 million solar drone, among others.)

A native of North Carolina, John holds a degree in English literature from the University of Edinburgh.

Please welcome him. (And follow him on Twitter, too.) --The Editors

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