Welcome to SEO Whistleblower

A simple introduction to the SEO Whistleblower blog; a safe haven for everything related to Search Engine Optimization!
Written by Stephen Chapman, Contributor

Hello there and welcome to the latest addition on ZDNet: SEO Whistleblower!

Put simply, the goal of this blog is to provide you with a source to learn tried-and-true SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques while laying to rest its myths and bad practices. Join me as I help you bypass the self-proclaimed "gurus," avoid the pitfall of information overload, and show you just what SEO really is (and -- more importantly -- what it is not) in 2010 moving forward! You will discover how much SEO actually falls outside the realm of shrouded mysticism and much more into a realm of common sense and "best practices for the Web," so to speak. Likewise, you will become familiar with names and sites who are authorities on SEO, tools that will help you discover and implement SEO for your site or your client's sites, and SEO tips, tricks, and so much more.

If you aren't familiar with SEO, then consider yourself lucky to begin your journey here! If you're familiar with SEO, but only as a buzz word carrying a negative stigma, then prepare to learn what SEO is really all about and how you very well may be missing the boat if you're writing it off solely as a bunch of "hocus pocus" or measures to cheat the search engines.

So, once again, I want to welcome you here and reassure you that you've found a safe haven for all things SEO. Please do not hesitate to reach out via email or the comments section below if you have a question, comment, or concern. I'm here to help!

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