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We have combined the English-speaking ZDNets in the U.S., Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom on one platform.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
You may have noticed that ZDNet looks a little different today. Article pages have been tweaked, the navigation looks a bit different and the topic pages are revamped. But the biggest changes have occurred under the hood at ZDNet.

People, processes and platforms have changed.
In short, we've unified our English-speaking ZDNets in the U.S., Australia, U.K. and Asia. We're now on one platform, one content management system and one team. Technically, our site has moved to Amazon Web Services and operates in an adaptive framework that adjusts to your various screens from smartphone to tablet to PC. Internally, we have called this project global/local. The aim is relatively simple: Bring you 24/7 business technology coverage all around the world with both global and local insight.
Our roll call and masthead are also a bit beefier. In addition to the U.S. team and its merry band of contributors we have local expertise and beat reporters around the world. The short version of the editor roll call goes like this: Steve Ranger and Rupert Goodwins in the U.K.; Brian Haverty and Suzanne Tindal in Australia and Eileen Yu in Singapore and overseeing our Asia operations.
These editors lead teams focused on their locales and regions. To wit:
  • From our London hub, we're looking to expand into Eastern Europe (a growing IT outsourcing and startup hub) as well as in the Middle East and Africa. If you're a business IT expert in these regions ping Jo Best.
  • In Asia, we're expanding our China coverage, bolstering new tech hotspots such as Vietnam and recruiting folks in India. ZDNet India will be launching in short order once we work out the kinks on our new platform.
  • In Australia, we'll also be adding to the roster to cover that side of the world.

These locations in addition to our U.S. beachhead will bolster coverage with research, which is run out of Sydney, and a global CIO Jury to keep tabs on business trends.
Today marks the first phase of the new global ZDNet, but phase two is what has me most wound up. We're eyeing a structure that will revolve around the IT buying cycle so we'll become a news site as well as a productivity tool. We'll be ramping our long-form coverage as well as IT buying case studies. We're also planning to launch a subscription service in the near future. Those projects are notable for us because they will be our first greenfields as a global team.
Just like IT projects, greenfields are a lot more fun than those legacy and integration projects.
We're excited to bring you the new ZDNet and look forward to bringing new business tech markets, expertise and insight to you from around the world.
Thanks for reading and contributing to ZDNet. Feel free to leave feedback on the site as well as items you'd like us to pursue in the Talkbacks below.

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