Welcome, tweens, to the musical world of Disney

Mix Central sells only kid-friendly songs and videos, assures concerned parents that only adults have purchasing power.
Written by Caroline McCarthy, Contributor
Disney announced on Wednesday that it has launched an online media store geared toward the tween set.

Disney Mix Central is designed to work in conjunction with the line of Disney Mix portable media players that the company launched in 2005 and expanded last year to include the Mix Max video players. Songs and music videos from the Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records labels are set to be sold--like the soundtrack to the movie High School Musical--in addition to podcasts from the Disney Channel.

Pricing will be similar to that of Apple's iTunes Store: 99 cents for a song, $1.99 for a music video and $9.99 for an album, Disney said.

The family entertainment giant is touting the safety of its new music store: all the content is "youth-appropriate," and purchases must be made by adults. The songs are protected by the Windows Media's digital rights management (DRM) system, which means that they'll play on compatible devices such as Creative's Zen line but not on Apple's ubiquitious iPods.

In addition to launching the Mix Central store, Disney has announced that it will be expanding its line of Mix Max memory cards, each of which contains a full-length Disney movie and which can be plugged into the Mix Max players.

The new additions, which bring the total of available Mix Max movie cards to 13, include Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Disney, which recently struck an on-demand video deal with Cox Communications, also sells music and video content through the iTunes Store.

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