Wells Fargo taps Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud for its multi-cloud pivot

Wells Fargo's plans to be a digital first bank revolve around multi-cloud infrastructure.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Banking giant Wells Fargo said it is adopting a multi-cloud strategy that combines its data centers with cloud compute from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Under the new digital strategy, Microsoft Azure will handle compute and cloud infrastructure for critical workloads. Wells Fargo said it will partner with Microsoft to develop data and analytics services as well as new customer experiences.

Google Cloud will be used for complex workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data.

The Wells Fargo announcement highlights the current state of multi-cloud deals. Increasingly, Google Cloud is seen as the AI and machine learning cloud provider even if it doesn't get the entire stack. Enterprises are using multiple clouds in their stacks for different functions.

Wells Fargo said it will transition to third-party owned data centers to complement the public cloud services. Wells Fargo said it will leverage private cloud, hosting services and public cloud offerings.

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