What a flat San Francisco would look like

What would San Francisco look like without its iconic, steep hills? A new photo essay reveals how bizarre it could be.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

What would San Francisco look like without its iconic (and rather steep) hills?

Answer: Pretty darn strange.

In a surreal photo essay, artist Dan Ng snapped shots of that famous Californian city by the bay -- but tilted his camera to flatten out its rolling hills.

Here's what Ng had to say about his new city:

What would San Francisco be without its steep hills?

Well for one, if would be much easier to walk around and without much effort. It would be easier to park a car and not have to curb the wheels. We would not have runaway vehicles and tennis balls.

On the other hand, we would not have cable cars, beautiful views and quaint neighborhoods. We would not have the many movies and postcard images to view. In fact, San Francisco would not be San Francisco.

Ng has snapped 35 photos and counting for the collection. Here's a look at the entire series.

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