What are the best Android and webOS Twitter apps?

Twitter applications are very popular on smartphones and there are some fantastic options for the Google Android and webOS platforms. Engadget took a detailed look at several Android apps, including the new official Twitter one.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Whether or not you are a fan of Twitter, this service is one of the most popular social networking services available and I personally find it to be enjoyable and valuable in my daily life. I have been on Twitter since July 2006 and am actually number 2,821 out of over 17 million currently reported users. By the way, feel free to follow me on Twitter. I prefer to access and use Twitter on my mobile phones and Engadget put together an exhaustive review of the best Google Android applications currently available that I highly recommend you check out.

Engadget picked Twidroid as their personal top pick and while I do appreciate the functionality of that application I still personally prefer TweetCaster (their runner-up selection) due to the interface and regular updates to improve the client. Twitter has an official application now too, but without thread/conversation view of Tweets I can't personally use it as my main client. I also enjoy using Seesmic and think it may be the best free Twitter client.

As readers here know I also use a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon and a new Twitter client was just released that I purchased for just $1.50. TweetMe is one of the best looking Twitter applications I have seen on webOS and gives me all the functionality I need at this time with conversation view, notifications, and more. There currently is no multiple account support, but that is stated as coming soon. Other webOS Twitter apps I have tried include Bad Kitty, Twee, Tweed, and Spaz.

What are your favorite Android and webOS Twitter applications?

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