What five Windows Phone 7 apps are missing to meet your needs?

The WP7 launch today was focused on hardware, but we also saw some included launch apps. Looking a my situation with a likely HD7 purchase there are really only 5 more apps I need to move from Android to WP7.

Now that I am intimately familiar with the Windows Phone 7 operating system and have seen some of the apps we will see launching on the hardware, I am left wondering what other apps I would need to see to give up my HTC EVO 4G Android smartphone. I personally think Windows Phone 7 offers a zippier and more consistent user experience than Android, while Android is very personal and customizable with all the apps I need readily available. WP7 is also better with support Exchange and Office (obviously) while my EVO 4G has WiFi tethering.

When I look at my HTC EVO 4G, I see I have something like 50+ apps loaded up on it. However, in reality many of those are rarely, if ever, used and it seems I go to a few key apps on a regular basis. These apps and my thoughts related to Windows Phone 7 include:

  • Twitter (MS showed an app coming for this.)
  • Amazon MP3 (Zune takes care of this need.)
  • Facebook (Well integrated on WP7.)
  • Angry Birds (I am sure it will come eventually.)
  • USAA Banking (This killer service lets me take photos to deposit checks. I don't see this coming to WP7 anytime soon.)
  • Google Listen (Zune should allow for podcatching.)
  • Slacker (Included on HD7 and Zune supports wireless streaming too.)
  • Nook & Kindle (Haven't seen any ebook reader news yet.)
  • Bible app (Haven't seen any news for WP7 here yet.)
  • Endomondo or Runkeeper (Haven't seen any news for WP7 here yet.)
  • Evernote (While OneNote looks good, Evernote gives me better cross platform experience.)

So it appears that there are only five other apps I really need to be happy, which may change when we see the full Marketplace launch in a few weeks, and these include:

  1. Ebook reader application
  2. USAA Bank
  3. Bible application
  4. Runkeeper or Endomondo
  5. Evernote

Gmail is fantastic on Android devices and if I gave up my Android phone then I would be missing that complete functionality given to me, even if Windows Phone 7 has a decent email experience.

We all have different needs and desires so I would be curious to know what 5 applications do you want to see launch on Windows Phone 7?


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